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Our Vison, Your Health

About Us

Ziklag Fitness provides an environment that promotes active, healthy lifestyles for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Our facilities have all the necessary equipment and services to ultimately provide you with unique and motivating programs designed to help you enjoy being healthy and fit.

Come join us, if you….

  • Want to move faster and be more agile

  • Want to develop “washboard” abs without doing traditional Abdominal exercises

  • Want to recover from chronic ankle, knee, shoulder and/or back pain

  • Want to improve your game (i.e. tennis, golf, basketball, soccer etc.)

  • Want to lose fat faster without worrying about calories

  • Want effective and safe results

At Ziklag Fitness, Our team endeavours to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and have many years of experience in the fitness industry. At Ziklag Fitness, Our team not only provides one-to-one personal training, diet advice and pain management therapy sessions, we also conduct seminars to educate people on scientific training methods.

Pain management therapy modalities include Active Release Technique (ART) and Remedial Massage.

Ziklag Fitness aim to provide leading-edge services in the following areas:

  • Early intervention and correction of postural imbalances to prevent chronic pain caused by overuse injuries

  • Rehabilitation for people suffering from chronic injuries

  • Personal training services for people who want a safe but effective way to improve fitness, lose weight, burn fat and build lean muscle.

  • Strength and Conditioning for athletes and sports teams

  • Olympic Weightlifting coaching for anyone who wants to learn to perform the Olympic lifts, to improve sports performance and become more powerful and stronger


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