Mak Thng Kong

Fitness and Rehab Specialist
Trainer Bio

Mak Thng Kong, Fitness and Rehab Specialist

Mak Thng Kong has been working full-time as a personal trainer and rehab specialist for more than 3 years.  He has been training clients to achieve their various goals including fat loss, rehabilitation, strength training.

Mak is a lifelong athlete and has participated in many sports over the years including: basketball, dragon boat racing, track and field, long distance running, powerlifting, bodybuilding, badminton, table tennis, Tchoukball, CrossFit, rock climbing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and many more.  He understands very well the demands of various sports and their associated injuries as well as how to optimize the performance of athletes.


Mak believes strongly in education and practice and is constantly improving his understanding of and skills in training and injury management.


His qualifications include:


  • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences (Republic Polytechnic)
  • National Council on Sport and Fitness – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Agatsu Inc – Kettlebell Instructor Certificate Level 1 (Girevoy Sports)
  • Agatsu Inc -Upper Body Mobility & Movement Certification Level 1, Suples Training System​®)
  • Agatsu Inc – Dynamic Movement with the Bulgarian Bag® ​Course
  • Human Principles – Introductory and Advanced Sports Taping
  • Human Principles – Myofascial Techniques
  • Rock Tape – Kinesiotaping
  • Integrated Training Institute – Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Integrated Training Institute – Coaching Kettlebell Certificate Level 1 (Hard Style)
  • Bodyworks Manual Therapy Training – Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • The Mattes Method – Active Isolated Stretching and Active Isolated Strengthening
  • Kinetic Link Training – Level 1
  • Evidence Based Fitness Academy – Barefoot Training Specialist Level 3
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 – ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage
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