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Chia Seeds from the US. Highest plant source  of omega 3. Whole protein. High amounts of insoluble fibre. Great for pre, during and post nutrition meal or supplement. SGD50 for a 1.36kg pack.


Jarrow Omega 3 Fish oils at 600mg of EPA and DHA per soft gel. 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA. 240 tabs per bottle. SGD 50 a bottle. Best for individuals who are suffering from chronic and degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and acne. Helps in fat loss as it interferes with your body’s inflammation response that results in the storing of belly fat.

Celergen. Anti-ageing supplement that works on the intra-cellular level by cleaning up free radicals and influencing the renewal of cells by working on the DNA.

  • Enhancement of Stamina and energy level
  • Improving alertness
  • Improved skin condition by strengthening collagen and elastin matrix
  • Increase in metabolic rate (Great for improving your fat loss programme)
  • Enhanced cell renewal stimulation
  • Improved immunity
  • And much more…..

Benefits include:

Shown to aid in controlling diabetes, eczema, chronic fatigue and hairloss.

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